The ultimate answer
to In-Or-Out Calls

Built specifically for tennis players, iChallenge enables precise line calling on any tennis court.

Can't decide whether the ball was really in or out? Let iChallenge be the judge! Download the app, mount your mobile on a tripod, set it up and start playing with your virtual umpire.


iChallenge delivers

Court mapping and line detection

iChallenge precisely detects all the lines of a tennis court to determine whether the ball was in our out.

Ball tracking technology

Our system trakcs the ball's trajectory to calculate when it hits the court surface.

In or out detection system

The app indicates the exact point of contact between the ball and court surface, and decides whether it was in or out.

Our mission

"We created iChallenge because we play tennis ourselves, and know exactly how nasty on-court line call discussions can get. Now there are no more hurt feelings and angry faces."
Michał Stanisz / iChallenge

Michał Stanisz / iChallenge

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