How to set up a tripod

In order to properly detect if the ball was in or out, iChallenge needs a stable view of the court at a specific angle.

  • Extend the tripod’s legs and raise the center column to full height or about 47 inches (120 cm). Attach the phone mount to the ball head and mount your phone on it.

  • Go to either corner of your half. Place the tripod minimum 3 to 4 meters away from the court’s corner - this way, the app will be able to recognize the most important areas of the court. If possible, try to cover the entire half.

  • Start the app and make sure the camera’s view covers the entire sideline and as much as possible of the remaining area.

You can use any tripod higher than 40 inches (100 cm) with a phone mount that doesn’t obstruct the camera lens.

iChallenge - tripod

You can find many suitable tripods on