• iChallenge analyzes the recording of the match from your phone’s video camera. Advanced algorithms track the position of the tennis ball throughout consecutive frames of the recording and approximate the ball’s trajectory, indicating the point where it bounced off the court.

  • iChallenge works on both indoor and outdoor courts. The only requirement is to have enough space to place the tripod approximately 3 meters back from the court’s corner, where the sideline meets the service line. That way, your phone’s video camera is able to cover your half of the court.

  • The ball’s color is critical. Currently, iChallenge is able to detect and track only regular yellow tennis balls.

  • The latest iPhones are able to rule on your challenge within 20 to 30 seconds.

  • Currently, the app supports iPhone 6 and all models that come after. Once the Android version goes live, we will share a complete list of compatible devices.

  • You can use any tripod higher than 40 inches (100 cm), but don’t forget that it should also have a mount for your mobile. You can find many suitable tripods on Amazon.com.

  • If the tripod is displaced, you will need to recalibrate the court’s mapping. Otherwise, the app will lose its accuracy.

  • We are still developing the Android version but it should be available in a few months.