How it works

You can stop arguing and get back to playing tennis. All disputes between tennis players can now be resolved by iChallenge, your virtual umpire. The app maps the court, analyzes the recorded footage and tracks the ball’s trajectory to rule whether the ball was in or out.

  • Set up a tripod

    Setting up iChallenge is simple. But in order to properly detect if the ball was in or out, iChallenge needs a stable view of the court at a specific angle. The best way to achieve this is to mount your phone on a tripod.

    See how to set up a tripod
  • Delineate the tennis court

    First, specify if your mobile is on the left or right side of the court and wait for its calibration. The virtual tennis court will perfectly overlap with the actual court. This way your virtual umpire can make the right calls.

  • Select the game mode

    iChallenge works both for singles and doubles - just make sure you choose the mode corresponding to your match format.

  • You said it was out? Challenge!

    If you have any doubts whether the ball was really in or out, don't waste time arguing with your partner and let iChallenge have the final say! The app tracks the ball’s trajectory and indicates its point of contact with the court surface, deciding whether it was in or out.